French, a language spoken around the world

French is spoken by more than 200 million people on the 5 continents.

Forbes Magazine recently referred to a study conducted by the investment bank Natixis that suggests that by 2050, due to the fastest-growing economies of French-speaking Africa, French could be the most-spoken language in the world, ahead of English and even Mandarin.

French brings an added value to your professional career

Mastering French can represent a major asset and will multiply your chances in today’s job market within your country of origin or internationally.

French, the other language of international relations

Numerous international organizations use French as their official language: United Nations, European Union, UNESCO, NATO, among others.

French, a language for thought and debate

French is a language that enables one to better structure one’s thoughts and put ideas into perspective, two qualities essential in the workplace.


This Summer School is designed to address a wide audience (students, executives, professionals, etc.) and does not require any prior specific knowledge in business.

HEC Montréal is the only graduate school of management in North America to offer a Business French Summer School. Geared towards not only students but also professionals, this unique immersion program comprises the following aspects:

  • Online placement test, oral and written, upon registration
  • Levels offered : from Elementary (Level 2) to Intermediate/Advanced (Level 4)
  • Class size : between 10 to 16 participants on average – Minimum age required : 18*
*Except for students admitted in a graduating program of study at HEC Montréal
  • Schedule: From Monday to Friday (5 days a week over 4 weeks), from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. (Montreal time)
  • Workload: on top of the online training per se, allow for approximately one hour of personal work per day
  • Business French courses focusing on the 4 language skills : writing, reading, listening and speaking
*For all the other participants, the transfer of credits will be subject to approbation of their university of origin if they still hold a student status.
  • Conferencesin Marketing and Management conducted by various Montreal’s entrepreneurs
  • Well-being activities conducted in French by qualified instructors (meditation, bodybuilding, fitness, yoga)



We offer four levels of French: from level 2 (elementary) to level 4 (intermediate-advanced). This online Summer School is for you if you at least master the following elements (we have no beginner’s level):

  • You can understand expressions and everyday vocabulary in written and spoken French;
  • You have some difficulty communicating, but you can speak on various simple topics related to everyday life, your family or your surroundings;
  • You can write short texts in French, but you cannot write a university-level text of more than one page.

Once you have registered, a free online placement test will determine your level. No business knowledge is required.

The course allows participants to understand the essential points of an oral or written communication clearly expressed in a common language, to communicate orally on topics familiar with studies, current events, work, and to write simple and coherent texts using, among other things, terms from the field of management.
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This course aims at a good mastery of the French language in order to ensure adequate written and oral communications in academic and workplace situations. This linguistic knowledge favors the pursuit of studies and the achievement of professional goals. This course also covers oral and written comprehension of academic and professional discourse, the consolidation of linguistic structures, the acquisition of writing techniques for administrative documents and the enrichment of vocabulary.
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This course allows participants to achieve a good command of the French language in order to ensure the effectiveness of written and oral communication in academic or work-related situations. The course allows participants to communicate orally with ease, to write correctly relatively complex texts, to deepen linguistic notions and to use a wide range of French terms in the field of management.
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Registration fee ($200 CA), non refundable
40 hours of training and activities
Course material
Course material
Tuition Fees (taxes included) $995 CA

Payment for this Summer School (Registration fees and optional Lodging, if applicable) is to be made only by credit card. Payment by debit card is not available.

We accept the following credit cards:

You may complete your transaction on our secure web server (https).
Upon registration, you will have two payment options: one lump sum payment (100% of total cost) or two payments (Payment 1: 25% of total cost; followed by Payment 2: the remaining 75%.)

Registration Deadline

La totalité des frais d’inscriptions (100 %), incluant l’option d’hébergement, s’il y a lieu, doit être acquittée avant le 17 juin.
Total registration cost (100%), including Lodging option, if applicable, must be received no later than June 17.
After this date, please contact HEC Montréal Business Language Training Center to inquire if there are any openings for registration:
In any case, the cost for Registration must be paid in full (100%) before the starting date of the Summer School.

Confidentiality and Information Security Policy

The on-line purchase on the website of HEC Montréal complies with SSL standards of transmission which ensure the secure transmission of your transaction. As a consequence, this message cannot be intercepted, distorted or decoded by a third party. Furthermore, your payment is made directly to Desjardins financial institution. HEC Montréal has no access to your credit card number.